The Sail and Bicycle Island-hopping Adventure

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What distinguishes your adventure tour from others?

We arrange tours in the place we know best – where we live. We have been developing our tours, based on a detailed local knowledge of our region. We keep our group size small(that s when we got a chance to discover our own special restaurant, shops, vista point, and had opportunity to interact with the locals) and travel with experienced local guides. Travelers of all abilities can participate in cycling tours. There is no rule that says you must participate in all of the planned activities.

What comes with the bicycle?

All bicycle are equipped with ; mudguards, rear luggage rack, bell, water bottle holder with water bottle, helmet, pannier bags, repair tools, lock

Can I bring my own pedals/saddle/helmet?

We provide all of the above but feel free to bring your own.

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes, feel free to bring your own bike. However, we do not give any tour discount if you do.

How far will I cycle each day?

The daily cycling distance varies from 20 – 35 miles /30-60 km

Will I be fit enough for the tour?

It is important to get saddle time in before you go on distances and hilly terrain comparable to the tour you have chosen. We rate our tours as Easy-Moderate. The cycling can be as casual, relaxed and easy pedaling as you like or the opposite.

What about safety in towns?

Croatia is as safe for tourists as Western Europe. So take the same precautions. Do not flash around your valuables and be careful of pickpockets in busy, tourist places.

A good time to go?

Personally, we think May, Jun, September, October are the best time to cycle tour in Adriatic

Do people speak English?

Your bilingual guide will help you. Croatia is tourist destination and the numbers of people learning English are increasing. Generally, younger people will speak better English.

Can you help if my bike breaks on the tour?

Our bike mechanic checks all bikes before they are ridden so the chances of your bike breaking are very low, however, our tour guide help you.

I am slow cyclist. Will I hold up the group?

Not at all. Since all participants on our bike tour are provided with English route descriptions and maps, there is flexibility our tours. The guide rides with the main group(usually the slowest riders). You need not feel this pressure on our bike tours.

Will I have to cycle at the pace of the group?

No. You can race ahead at your own faster speed or stop for a bit longer at a particular point of interest. You can still find your way along the route without having to rely on the guide. You can arrange with the guide to meet up with the group again at a particular place.

What happens if not enough people sign up to the bike tour?

If you sign up to a bike tour date and the minimum number of 10 people do not sign up then you can join another bike tour. If not, then we will refund you any money you have paid.

What level of fitness is required for the bike tours?

As maritime harbors are located at sea level, a climb is to be expected at the start of every trip. However, we are pacing our tour leisurely so that there is no rush even if you push your bicycle uphill. Once you are on top, the route mostly undulates along the ridge before you are rewarded with a long and often spectacular descent to the next harbor where you meet the ship. Generally we recommend our tours to everyone who has acquired a basic stamina either trough using their bike as a everyday vehicle or as a leisure activity, or through other sports.

Are the bike tour suitable for children?

Basically our experience is that only children with a cycling experience should take part in these trips. The earliest recommended ages is 10 year.

Can I transport my own bicycle in the plane?

There are difficulties with the transfers to and from the ship. Furthermore, the protecting cartons and packaging cannot be stored on the ship for lack of space. Therefore, the rental bicycles is already included in the travel price. There is not refund if you do not use your rental bicycle.

What kind of food can I expect?

The meals represent southern European standard, but taking into account the requirements of active cyclists. For lunch, the cook on board will generally prepare a light menu and for dinner you ca expect an opulent menu of several courses that often includes fish or seafood as its central dish. Please let us know beforehand if there are any foods you may or will not eat, and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes and to provide alternatives.

The salon of the ship is restaurant, lounge bar likewise, where you can order cool alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at any time of day. Your orders will be listed and the amount due will be paid directly to the captain on the last evening of the trip, together with the harbor fees.

Please, understand that the ship is a floating hotel, and therefore, as in every other bar or restaurant, it is not allowed to consume your own drinks on the premises.

What about electricity, water and telephone on the ship?

Electricity and water are available on board, of course, but within limits. The ship have generator for 220V. The plug are ordinary flat German.

The water tanks are large enough to provide sufficient cold and hot water for washing and showering for everyone if it is used with consideration, i. e. if you turn it off while soaping, and do not leave it on unneeded.

Croatia has access to a local GSM 900 mobile telephony network that you can log into if your phone is GSM compatible.

Is it possible to sleep on deck?

Many of our guests gladly take the opportunity to sleep under the stars on deck. Please, bring your own sleeping bags and mattresses for this. as for hygienic reasons the captain cannot allow mattresses and blankets outside of the cabins.

How many tour guides will be on board?

From group size of 20 or more we will provide two tour guides whom you can join for the bicycle tours. One of them will ride at the end of the group in order to provide quick help if there is any breakdown. However, please feel free to spend the day at your own leisure if you prefer to do so. If you would like to take a break for taking pictures, for swimming or to enjoy fresh fruit from the trees, you are welcome.
Also, if you would like to cycle on your own, we can provide you with maps and tips for routes. Our bicycle guides carry tools for small repairs and adjustments with them, and there is a comprehensive set of tools and spare parts on board.

Recommendation for tipping?

As you will see, there is a lot of people who are looking after your well-being during your trip, be it on board of the ship or on your way across the islands. If you are satisfied with the services rendered, the ship’s crew and the tour guides will appreciate your generous donation as a sign of your contentment. You can either hand out the tip personally or contribute to the collective “tipping hats”.

What requirements are there for travel into my destination country?

Please find out what preliminaries apply for you from your country s Foreign Ministry. They normally provide comprehensive information via the internet. Please understand that we cannot take any responsibility for the correctness of the information provided on the web-pages linked.

What about the weather?

The following link can give you an approximate overview what to expect in Croatia

What kind of clothing do I need for the trip?

Evening dress and suit can safety be left at home. You ll find relaxed leisure dress like t-shirts and shorts and swim gear sufficient for all occasions. For the cool of the evenings have a long-sleeved jumper or sweatshirt in your language, and a wind-and waterproof jacket may be of use from time to time. Special bicycle gear is not compulsory but may be an advantage for comfortable riding.

As cabin space is limited, we recommend you pack your clothing in a duffel bag rather than a hard-shell suitcase which maybe hard to stow. Please take care of your valuables during the trip. One member of the crew will always be on board, but we advise you to leave your valuables at home.

What else can I book trough sail and bike island-hopping adventure?

If you have more time on your hands and want to make the most of your travel to the Croatia, we can book prolongation night at your boarding harbor before or after your sail and bike trip. Just let us know what we can do for you:

  • "Dear Tarin crew, thanks for a fantastic week on board! We all had an absolute ball! Great food, great company, great time. Cant wait to come back."

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  • "Trip was amazing! Honestly had the best week, couldn't have asked for better weather! Seems the Tarin is the boat to be on!"


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