The Sail and Bicycle Island-hopping Adventure

Kvarner island-hopping bike and boat


A cruise and bike on the Adriatic sea allows you to visit a new and attractive location every day. A historic Adriatic towns or exotic island will inspire you to take the most memorable photos of your life. While on board, enjoy a variety of culinary attractions, swimming, sun tuning, biking or simply having fun with your friends.

Island hopping, bicycle and mountain bike with Croatian traditional luxury romantic motor sailing Vessel

There is nothing like sailing on a luxury motor-sailor in the open water, with the wind blowing trough your hair and the sun beating down over head. Motor-sailor TARIN is very unique, unlike any other ship.

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Course of the tour

Krk – Cres – Losinj – Molat – Dugi Otok – Pag – Rab – Krk
8 days / 7 nights, approx. 345 km (215 mi)

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Day 1 (Sunday) Omisalj – Cres (approx. 40 km/25 ml)

Omisalj is the first town you find coming in the Krk island. The main island road doesn’t go trough Omisalj and even if it is the closest to the coast in the summer is one of the most peaceful places in Krk island. Old town Omisalj with castle is situated on the hill with wonderful sea view over the bay.The place kept Mediterranean charm with typical narrow streets turning with some Labyrinth logic, where is pleasure to lose yourself once again any time you pass trough.

Individual arrival in Omisalj. Embarkation from 11:00. At 13:00 hour the motor-sailor bring you to Porozina, the ferry port on the island of Cres. From here your first bike tour will lead you trough aged oak and chestnut trees forests in the fairy like village of Predoscica from where you will have an unforgettable view over the islands of Kvarner Bay and the Velebit mountains that are situated on the mainland. Afterwords, descent on an asphalt road to the town of Cres, where the motor-sailor will be waiting for you to dinner. Overnight.

Day 2 (Monday) Cres – Losinj (approx. 50+20 km/31+12.5 mi)

Island Cres, small Venice is one of northern islands in the Kvarner Gulf. The town of Cres is more like a city and is a great one at that, its center filled with shops where tourists can buy Cres specialties, home made olive oil and wine. The town is not made for cars, it is a walking city, and can be related to many Italian cities due to its narrow streets. Cres also has a marina nearby. Steep and inaccessible parts of the eastern coast are the natural habitat of white-headed vulture (ornithological nature park) Cres and the neighboring island Losinj once used to be one island, but were divided by a channel and connected with a bridge at the town of Osor. Cres only fresh water source is the Lake Vrana. The oldest Croatian monument on the island is the famous Valun Tablet, written in Glagolitic letters in the 11th century.

Today we are cycling to Lubenice that you will reach on small paths while you will have a fantastic view over the sea. Lubenice is situated on 400 meters altitude and is one of the oldest settlements of the island. From here you will surround the lake Vrana. Later on you will reach the small artist s town of Osor Where you meet the ship for lunch. After an extensive bath stop you can decide either to join an additional bike tour to Losinj or to spend the afternoon lingering on boat during the sail to Mali Losinj. Overnight.

Day 3 (Tuesday) Losinj – Molat (approx. 20+10 km + 12.5 + 6 mi)

Island Losinj is part of the Cres-Losinj archipelago. Cres and Losinj are connected by a small bridge in the town of Osor, The Romans called this island Apsorrus, and referred to the islands of Losinj and Cres collectively as Apsirtides. Mali Losinj is the biggest town on the Adriatic islands. The biggest part of the archipelago is in the sub-tropical zone. The whole coastline abounds in attractive bays and coves, ideal for swimming and sunbathing. Highest hill is Osorscica (588m). The beginnings of tourism date back to 1885 when Losinj was proclaimed a climatic health resort by a decree of the Ministry of health of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy. Today is Losinj a famous climatic health resort suitable for treating diseases of the respiratory tract and allergies. The rich cultural heritage, monasteries, basilicas and remnants from the ancient times can be found all over the island. The most important archeological finds was bronze statue Apoksiomen (3-4th B.C.), an athlete who was finished competing, and who is shown at the time of relaxation. Apoxiomen is ranked seventh in the world. In 1987 a team of the Research Institute Tethys started a long research of biology ecology and social structure of the community of good dolphins. The size of community is estimated at 120 individuals around the Losinj island

A short bike tour in the morning leads you along the coast of the island of Losinj from one bay to the next. Your destination is the beautiful fishing place Veli Losinj with its numerous fishing boats which is dominated by the huge church. After a coffee break you will cycle on a single trail back to the ship where you will have lunch. In the afternoon crossover to the small island of Molat. Overnight stay on Molat.

Day 4 (Wednesday) Dugi Otok Island (approx. 45-60 km / 20-37.5 mi)

While you have breakfast, the ship will take off and take you past many small islands to the spicy island of Dugi Otok. Your bike tour will start in the bay of Bozava, which is surrounded by woods of pine, agave and tamarisk trees, and you will ride on a road nearly free of traffic. Along the way you will stop for lunch in the pittoresque harbor of Savar. Afterwords you cycle to Sali and certainly you will be impressed by the terrific view on the sea an the surrounding islands.In the afternoon you shouldn’t miss to try the magnificent ice cream in the harbor of Sali.

Day 5 (Thursday) Pag Island – Novalja – Pag – Lun (approx. 35 km / 22 mi)

In the morning you will cruise to the island of Pag which is well-known for its cheese. In the afternoon you will bike in between the ancient stonewalls that were built by the inhabitants for protection from the wind,to the town Pag, and then trough the village of Kolan to Novalja for lunch. After lunch you will bike on the narrowing peninsula until you reach the sea, where the ship will be waiting to take you to the island Rab.

Novalja is town and main port in the north of the island of Pag, with pleasant Mediterranean climate,rich cultural and historical heritage,local cuisine specialties. Numerous archeological finds speak about the turbulent past and among them excels the unique antique Roman aqueduct from the 1 st century.In recent times Novalja became famous because of the Zrce Beach, which is one of the biggest summer party zones in Europe.

Day 6 (Friday) Rab Island (approx. 40+20 / 25+12.5 mi)

Rab is a typically medieval urban center surrounded by walls that are in large part still standing.the old city as dominated by four bell towers mainly in the romanesque style. Right next to the city walls is the lovely park,and below it a long path and bathing place. Rab, Arbe, Arba derives from the Ilyrian Arb meaning Dark, green. English architect T.G. Jackson 1887 affirmed: Unusual old medieval town, seems like remembrance, not a reality among all small Dalmatian towns, for my liking, no one is more charming. Biking tour along the promenade and trough the Dundo Woods back to Rab, where you will have lunch on board. In the afternoon the ship will be bring you to the island of Krk. Overnight stay in Krk.

Day 7 (Saturday) Krk – Golden Island (approx. 50 km / 31 mi)

Island Krk is the largest Adriatic island, and also the most populous one. Island Krk is located rather near the mainland and has been connected to it via a two-arch concrete bridge. Krk also hosts the Rijeka International Airport. Krk is popular tourist destination, because of the situation and proximity to Slovenia, southern Germany, Austria, and northern Italy. Krk was also the seat of medieval bishops and important nobility, the Frankopans. Various literature in Glagolitic alphabet was created and in part on Krk preserved (notably the Baska Tablet, the oldest preserved text in Croatian).

You will cycle over the ridge of the island, which is covered by fragrant macchia, to a valley of vineyards, and then onwards to the small museum town of Vrbnik in the north east. The town, built on a 50-meter-high cliff and surrounded by vineyards, is the home of the famous white wine, Zlahtina. The way will lead you on across the island trough old villages and rich vegetation to Omisalj, where we will spend the night.

Day 8 (Sunday)

Departure after breakfast ca. 9.00 hour

  • "Thank you for a brilliant week in Croatia. You have been a fantastic, friendly crew and have made us feel most welcome."

    Caroline+Claire (room 2)
    South Africa

  • "I just wanted to send a big thanks to the crew of Tarin. They made this trip extra special, always going out of the way to make everything perfect."


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