The Sail and Bicycle Island-hopping Adventure

Protect the environment

Actively participate in preserving our Adriatic – the bluest of all seas – to remain clean.

Eight commandments for nature lovers

  1. Clean in front of your door first
  2. Protect nature, do not devastate it
  3. Do not pollute the air because clean air means long life
  4. Instill love for nature in your heart and in the hart of your fellow men
  5. Do not steal from future
  6. Think today about a better tomorrow
  7. Dispose of waste in a controlled way and do not create illegal waste dumps
  8. Remember that you are not the owner of the Earth, but its protector and keeper

Did you know?

  • that one liter of spilled used engine oil pollutes as much as 1.000.000 liters of potable water
  • that biologically, styrofoam is not degradable, it never disappears
  • that an abandoned glass bottle may pollute the environment foe even more than 1 000 year
  • that an abandoned aluminum cane, or a beer or juice tin is going to pollute the environment for the next 500 years
  • that plastic bags are frequently more appropriate for shopping than paper ones but they are not biodegradable, and the colors that are used for graphics on them contain cadmium – a toxic heavy metal
  • "This was the best crew ever. You made us feel so loved+special. Wow!!!"

    Carol, Donna, Snita, Deborah, Lori, Beth, Eileen, Leslie

  • "Dobar dan Nevio, just to say thank you from those crazy boys. Mr Bean, Austin powers, Bushy, Man with no name and Little punk. You are quite safe now…We are home in england we had a fantastic time, and your crew do you credit."

    Gary Hawkins

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